2023 Manager Curriculum

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2023 Manager Curriculum

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I Hate It Here's 2023 Manager Curriculum

In 2023, we’re supporting managers. 

No more throwing tired techniques at the wall and seeing what sticks. Your managers need a proven method to the madness of supporting a team of unique individuals. 

People management is changing. 

The days of top-down hierarchy, when business owners and CEOs micro-managed their teams and focused solely on results and strategy, are slimming. 

These days, managers are more often seen as mentors, giving guidance and support to create a productive work environment where everyone can contribute and learn from each other.

I’ve compiled the most relevant and actionable steps your managers need to support their team’s professional AND personal growth (which boosts company profitability) while leading with empathy. 

Here’s what's inside the 2023 Manager Curriculum: 

  • How to create a plan that bridges the gaps in each team, including identifying the core competencies of team members and their roles
  • Practical strategies to improve employee engagement, which boosts productivity and attendance 
  • The keys to hiring the right people for your team and successfully onboarding them - which can improve new hire productivity by 70% 
  • How to use the gift of feedback and communication for good 
  • How to create a psychologically safe environment, increasing employee engagement and encouraging your team to take healthy risks 

Who is this guide for? 

Managers of all experience levels can learn from this course and empower their teams, from entry-level to senior managers. 

The guide can be used to create a manager training program tailored to an organization's specific needs.

Please note the curriculum does not need to be sequential- meet your managers where they are.

Before you dive in -

Here are a few things to consider before launching any learning program for managers:

  • What is their level of understanding?
  • What have they told you is needed to be successful?
  • How much time can your managers commit to a program?

This information should guide your decision-making around what types of programs to build.

Have more questions?

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